Before you can follow your passion, you have to find it. When you know what you are doing, nothing will stop you. Make your passion a profession with the right mindset and positive attitude. For you to become unstoppable, you need to know what you’re starting with and what gives you a drive. As we talked about your ‘Inner Drive’ in the previous chapter, this is something you can always come back to if you have doubt, or face temporary failures during your journey.
“Don’t ask what the world needs; ask what makes you come alive and go do that. Because what the world needs are people who have come alive.” —Howard Thurman

Turn Your Passion into Your Profession
Make your passion a profession

Although it might not be reflected in your net assets, follow your heart and your dreams. Focus on growing your life’s worth and not just your net worth. No matter where your life takes you or what your external wealth looks like, you will be truly enriched. The biggest problem I see my clients and students run into is that they try to take action from a negative state of mind. That’s when it seems like you’re not good enough, you are overwhelmed, and fears seem too powerful to deal with. Let those low moods pass, and wait until a calm, good mood reappears.

Start Before You Feel Ready
Be ready for your passions

So many people say it would be great if they could just quit their day job and pursue their passion full time, to start a business, write a book or launch a blog. But that is all it is; talk. To those people I say- Stop talking about it and do something. Turn your passion into your profession.

When I start anything new, I start before I feel ready. I know that I will never know everything there is to know. I may always feel like there is more I need to learn. Luckily, I also know that I don’t have to take these thoughts seriously. You might feel confident one moment and scared the next. As you take action, you will notice what’s true and what’s not. I always start despite the thoughts in my head. It is only through challenging my assumptions–because that is what these thoughts are–that I see if something will work or not. So if you don’t know where to start, start anywhere.

Keep Adjusting
Make right decisions

Living a passionate life is about understanding that life is not perfect. Passion is not an object you can find and put in your pocket. Life is constantly changing, and so are you. You can handle whatever life throws at you, but only if you do it in the present moment. If you go into your head and worry, you will not be able to handle that because the worry is created in your mind. You are always feeling your thinking. If you entertain fearful thoughts, you will feel fear. It doesn’t mean that the world is scary. It means that your thinking is “scary.” To find your uniqueness in passion, notice what you are interested in, take action, and keep adjusting.

The Secret Formula to Monetize Your Passion
Follow your dreams

We’re all passionate about something in our lives. But how can you actually turn a profit off of that passion? Here are some ways that you can make your dream come true.

Sit down and think of all the various ways that you can actually make money out of your passion. This may include:

Selling an actual product, such as clothing or furniture, online or in a store.
Sharing knowledge about your passion by blogging, writing books or filming videos. Between affiliate links, sponsors and subscribers, you could make a decent living. For example, the father and son behind EvanTubeHD combined their passion for filming and toys into a YouTube channel that reviews toys. They’re now earning more than $1.4 million per annum.
Offering advice as a consultant in anything from accounting to technology to gardening.
Becoming an investor in an idea that you’re willing to financially support.
Inventing a product, gadget or software that makes life easier for people. For example, if you were a guitar instructor, is there an app to better instruct students or a new type of tuner that could make tuning the guitar easier for newcomers?