Who We Are

We believe in the power of unconventional, disruptive ideas that can transform industries and set new standards.

The Home of Ideas

Ideaz Shack is the brainchild of Nauman Khan Azeemi and his team of talented individuals who aim to bring forth out-of-the-box and visionary thinking.

Set in the heart of the suburbs, Ideaz Shack was created to cultivate an environment of collaboration and collective enterprise. Chicago is a hub for social, cultural and industrial innovation, and we wanted to cater to the ideals that have given it this status.

We believe that unconventional ideas should not just be given a platform – they deserve to be celebrated. We want to provide that space to start-ups: a space to grow and generate transformative and innovative ideas, products and services.

Our Story – We believe in your ideas

Ideaz Shack is not just space; it is the concept that collaboration is the key to success. It began with this very idea to create an environment that allows for the growth of concepts and innovative thought, by a group of people who believe wholeheartedly in the power of organized and shared enterprise. .

Ideaz Shack is comprised of an ever-evolving and growing team of industry experts and passionate individuals. We work tirelessly to provide start-ups with every resource they need to get their ideas out there to the market, and to evolve and accelerate their business.

Our Mission – We make your ideas a reality

Our mission revolves around our vision to create an incubation space for disruptive ideas, by providing our start-ups with the resources, transformational coaching and business strategy ideals.

Our process is heavily detailed and intricate, revolving around the culture of a collaborative business that is essential to Ideaz Shack’s personal brand. If you have an idea that you feel deserves a launch-pad for development and further iteration, pitch it to us and we will ensure its success.


This Shack is fueled by your Ideaz. It is important for us to facilitate you in any way we can. Contact us here.