Our Tranings

Ideaz Shack provides your start-up with all the certified training and mentorship it needs in order to make it big.

Workshops on business, marketing and product strategy.

Brainstorming sessions with industry mentors and giants in their fields.

Opportunities to learn first-hand from successful names in business.

Specified training and mentorship with transformational coaching.

Everything there is to know!

Ideaz Shack believes that success and learning go hand-in-hand. A mentor is a great resource, and we aim to provide our start-ups with the best in the business. Our pieces of training are multidimensional and usually categorized like this:

Business essentials

Learn from the success of other entrepreneurs and get a chance to meet them and pick their brains. This is the comprehensive guide to all business essentials.

Transformational coaching

We’ve designed courses for you to integrate into your management and business strategy in order to make your ideas into workable products and services.

Specified mentorship

Looking for the answer to a particular, specific problem in your business ideal? No issues! Ideaz Shack will connect you to the perfect mentor you can learn from in order to find the perfect solution.


This Shack is fueled by your Ideaz. It is important for us to facilitate you in any way we can. Contact us here.