About us

We give start-ups the space to grow into successful businesses, and the resources to make their ideas a reality.


Located in the Heart of the North-Western Suburbs of Schaumburg, Ideaz Shack is the pioneer of business incubators in this area. Our inspiration was to provide service to the beautiful people who live on the outskirts of Chicago land, having just as much potential as the people of the big cities to be successful entrepreneurs.

We distinguish ourselves by providing an array of various services to our clients. Our philosophy is to aid people to help them be the best version of themselves. Whether you are an upcoming entrepreneur or you are looking for improving your knowledge base or skill set, look no further because we have your needs covered. Our domain exceeds beyond a single point of focus; our goal is to give all sorts of flavors to the suburban palate. Why settle for less when we offer you with so much more?

For all of you who are on your path of starting a business venture, all of you feeling that you aren’t quite ready to take charge and all of you looking for an all-encompassing support system to help you get on your feet, welcome home.

Ideaz Shack works in four core stages


Where we define your product and fine-tune your idea.

Business Essentials

we explore the fundamentals of running your own business and making it work.

Leading Essentials

Where we arm you with the skills required to command and uphold a team that shares your vision.

Show and tell

When it’s time to show the world exactly what your idea can do.

Business Infrastructure

We have a state-of-the-art building which “shacks” all the brilliant “ideaz” people have. Here you will find all sorts of administrative, technological and advisory services to support the projection of your start-up.
Note: Of course, right now the building is off limits amidst the pandemic. We are working up strategies in light of the SOP’s to make it accessible.


Ideaz Shack recruits some of the best teachers and trainers in Chicago land to host and conduct detailed training sessions for our students. Students are also encouraged to participate in relevant workshops where amazing hands-on skills are imparted to them in a safe simulated environment to make sure they don’t face any adversity in the onset of their business start-up in real time.

C-Suite Assistance

Ideaz Shack prioritizes having the best support system. Should you choose to become affiliated with our incubator in any capacity, you will have help from our C-Suite Assistants who are working around the clock to make this the best experience for you possible.


We are truly dedicated to our commitment of supporting your start-up; we will provide monetary support in form of investments in your ideaz to help you kick-start your ventures. We will also connect you with key investors who are relevant to your business models.

24/7 Support Center

The only decision you need to make is to let us handle your business idea; we’ll take care of the rest. We have an excellent customer support service which works 24/7 so no matter the time of the day, we are always available.

Web and Mobile Development

Ideaz Shack will provide relevant online platforms to your start-up ventures; we will help you develop fully furnished and functioning websites and mobile applications to facilitate your digital presence.

Digital Marketing

You thought we’re stopping at Web and Mobile development? We’re only getting started with giving you an apt online presence; we will design your social media pages and subsequent marketing campaigns to boost your brand on the internet.

Soft Skills

We are determined to groom our business clients and students into the best version of themselves. In addition to helping with your start-up, we will also improve your soft skills to convert you into a seasoned business professional.

Online Learning Portal

This service has quickly turned out to be the most popular one these days because of Covid-19. You don’t have to compromise on quality training sessions or business consultancy meetings anymore because Ideaz Shack also operates online. Even before the pandemic, this service benefited many people who reside out of Schaumburg and were interested in joining us.

Book Articulation

We have amazing accounting and legal services for your business. Some of Chicago’s finest people are working with us in these positions.

Market Survey/ Customer Discovery

We conduct thorough market surveys to identify the latest trends and information which are relevant to your start-up. Our research service will help you in accurately targeting and segmenting the customer groups for your business venture.


This Shack is fueled by your Ideaz. It is important for us to facilitate you in any way we can. Contact us here.